What the professionals we work with Say

“The Judge was grateful for Dr Berry's reports which were of great assistance” Family Court, 2023


"We would like to thank Dr Berry for her assistance throughout the case and look forward to working with her again in the future"- Anderson Partnership incorporating Shipton Hallewell & Co 2023


"Dr Dawson produced her report earlier than the timescales to assist us at the Hearing and we wanted to pass on a thank you. It was really appreciated by everybody involved in the case." - WMB Law 2023


"Professor Wilcox is an eminent expert and the Judge was entitled to place considerable weight upon the evidence that he gave." -  High Court of Justice, Family Division, Appeals Judge, 2021


"Professor Wilcox's report is careful and analytical." - May 2021


"The Judge found Dr Gray's report extremely useful in considering matters and she would ask me to pass on her gratitude at the in depth forensic analysis provided which assisted the Court by way of expert evidence." - March 2021


"I really enjoyed reading the report, it was very helpful and insightful - best one I have read in a long time." - April 2019


“WPA are always our first choice. High quality reports and excellent service are guaranteed.” - April 2018


"The Judge accepted Prof Wilcox's evidence, both written and oral and the court found it very helpful indeed." - March 2018


“The report was excellent.” - January 2018


"Prof Wilcox was a credible and compelling expert witness and all evidence provided was accepted." - December 2017


"Your report was spot on. It chimed with everything in the Judge's findings." - November 2017


"The psychologists at WPA, from my experience, have excellent supervision and professional training." - September 2017


"Clear, concise and helpful." - July 2017


“Excellent Assessment & Reports” - April 2017


"Dr Horton's report was very clear and well evidenced" - October 2023

More Testimonials

"I was lucky to have WPA be my first placement as a Forensic Psychologist in Training. The warm welcome, cohesive team and family atmosphere made my 9 months there an absolute pleasure. Importantly, I received good opportunities to learn and develop as a clinician. I highly recommend WPA."- Dr Chenelle Taylor, May 2018
"Prof. Wilcox was an influential figure throughout my Doctoral training in Forensic Psychology. He nurtured my development in my areas of interest, and also provided support and further training when needed."- Ms Stephanie Wilson, Forensic Psychology Doctoral Candidate, May, 2018