14 May 2018

WPA Staff and Associates have produced a number of forensic and clinical psychology publications. Examples include; 

Wilcox, D.T., Beech, A.R., Markall, H., & Blacker, J. (2009). Actuarial risk assessment and recidivism in a sample of UK intellectually disabled sexual offenders. Journal of Sexual Aggression (March), 15(1), 97-106.

Buschman, J., Wilcox, D.T., Krapohl, D.J., Oelrich, M., Hackett, S. (2010). Cybersex offender risk assessment.  An explorative study.  Journal of Sexual Aggression, 16 (2), 197-209.

Blacker, J., Beech, A.R., Wilcox, D.T., & Boer, D.P. (2011). The assessment of dynamic risk and recidivism in a sample of special needs sexual offenders. Psychology, Crime and Law, 17 (1)1, 75-92.

Wilcox, D.T., & Buschman, J. (2011). Case studies in the utility of the polygraph. Sexual Offender Treatment, 6 (1).

Wilcox, D.T., & Gray, R. (2012). The use of the polygraph with sex offenders in the UK. European Polygraph, 6(19), 55-68.

Wilcox, D.T. & Donathy, M.L. (2014).  British experiences of polygraph testing sexual offenders: An update. European Polygraph, 8(1), 23-28.

Wilcox, D.T., & Baim, C. (2016).  Applications of the dynamic-maturational model of attachment with children involved in care and family proceedings.  Child Abuse Review. 25(4), 287-299.

Wilcox, D.T., Donathy, M.L., & MacDonald, P. (2017). The impact and application of mental capacity legislation in care and family proceedings. The Journal of Forensic Psychology. 2:117. Available online.

Jack, A., & Wilcox, D.T. (2018). The psychological assessment of clerics.  Pastoral Psychology67 (1), 55-64.

Wilcox, D.T., Craig, L.A., Donathy, M.L. & MacDonald, P. (2018).  Mental capacity legislation and its impact on parents with learning difficulties involved in childcare and family law proceedings assessments in England and Wales. The Journal of Adult Protection. 20 (1), 17-32.


WPA Staff played a key editing role and completed numerous chapters in two recently published books.

Wilcox, D.T., Garrett, T., & Harkins, L. (Eds) (2015) Sex offender treatment: A case study approach to issues and interventions.  Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Wilcox, D. T., Donathy, M. L., Gray, R. & Baim, C (Eds) (2017).  Working with Sex Offenders: A guide for practitioners.  East Sussex, UK: Routledge.


Further, Prof Wilcox and Prof Craig collaborated to produce a key chapter in the third edition of the text book Forensic Psychology; Crime, Justice, Law Interventions.

Wilcox, D.T., & Craig, L. (2017) The Role of the Expert Witness.  In: G. M. Davies & A. R. Beech (Eds.) Forensic Psychology: Crime, Justice, Law Interventions (3rd Edition).   Chichester, West Sussex:  Wiley & Sons Ltd.