14 Dec 2022
Research articles
WPA is a learning organisation and our staff have published a number of research articles over the past year. These include:

'Psychological treatment expertise in care and family proceedings.' Authored by Prof Daniel Wilcox and Dr Alan Kessedjian, published in Family Law Journal in 2022

'Evaluating the effectiveness of resilience-building training within the National Health Service in the UK.' Authored by Dr Nicole Horton, Dr Mike Drayton, Prof Daniel Wilcox, and Miss Harriet Dymond  Published in the Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice in 2022.

'A survey of the views of Catholic safeguarding coordinators about the inclusion of the polygraph in psychological risk assessments of clerics.' Authored by Prof Daniel Wilcox, Dr Rosalind Berry, and Miss Emma Grove. Published in European Polygraph 2022.