Training at university and professional levels has been a significant focus of WPA’s professional efforts.

WPA professionals have provided training and support to Solicitors and other legal professionals about psychological assessments to investigate non-accidental injury issues.

WPA psychology staff have presented training sessions with judges and barristers in relation to the use of psychometric measures within care and family proceedings, as well as, specific assessment areas such as domestic violence.

Post graduate level, university training, has been given by WPA staff in relation to contact and safeguarding issues in family proceedings, as well as the mental capacity assessment of carers.

At post graduate level, students and other professionals have been given instruction in use of the polygraph in the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders.

Prof Wilcox has also presented training in relation to borderline personality disorder at post graduate level.

WPA staff have also provided training to social services staff, Guardians and other professionals in relation to managing risk to children and families and effectively reporting on these matters.

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"I was lucky to have WPA be my first placement as a Forensic Psychologist in Training. The warm welcome, cohesive team and family atmosphere made my 9 months there an absolute pleasure. Importantly, I received good opportunities to learn and develop as a clinician. I highly recommend WPA."- Dr Chenelle Taylor, May 2018